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When the unruly Children of Man decide that they want to go their own way, it brings the Old and the New Worlds into conflict.  However through it all the players on both sides are still human are driven by their desires and needs.  Join the Black Diamonds in their first adventure as they are brought in to play their part in a truly galactic tale.


This book has everything you expect of a Cole Browning, a full story and believable three dimensional characters.  Feel and see the tale and pleasures unfold, and become a part of its telling “She was soon sobbing with joy as he ploughed her body in the same way she had watched him with Beth.  Now she began to want him to climax to complete the cycle, mentally as she had no strength to speak she willed him onward.  Silently begging him to pour forth within her body, exalting him to greater and harder acts to achieve this, her very soul pleaded to feel his seed.” – Cole Browning

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