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The Star Ship Calypso may not be state of the art but to the one hundred passengers and crew it is the means to get to another world and more specifically Pleasure World. Once there all manner of pleasures can be experienced and for the connoisseur in carnal ways possible in no other place in the universe. The Company’s intension is that their guests experience as much carnal pleasure as possible for the entire duration of the cruise and stop over.

Enter if you will the Clarke's. A couple in their mid-fifties; Mr Clarke a business man and his lady of leisure Lidia. For them this was to be the holiday of a lifetime, although Paul suspects he will be saving up to do it all again. Lidia is looking forward to the bragging rights that a trip to Pleasure World will bring. The glossy brochure certainly suggests that there will be loads to brag about even if she did only skim read it. For her and many others this will not only be a trip of a lifetime but a trip that will change her outlook upon life entirely, softening her and moulding her in to a much more sensual person.

Others to follow in their adventures are three young ladies fresh from college who get to join the expensive cruise upon the Calypso as the result of optimistically entering a competition. For them this was beyond the chance of a lifetime as they join the one hundred guests that are all intent on seeking as much pleasure on both the Calypso and more importantly on the Pleasure World to follow. Filled with life and a desire to try everything that comes their way, these guests are exactly the material the Company enjoys to have on their cruise.

The crew of the Calypso are no less vital to the tale as the Company has told them to keep their hands off the guests and concentrate on their duties; but that is just never going to happen. So a blind eye is turned and one and all find a way to feel and experience their journey with and mostly for their guests.

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