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Parts 1, 2 & 3 amalgamated into one book for your enjoyment. Isabella's adventures that take her to her deepest fantasies and possible happiness.


Part 1: It had been a couple of days ago and Isabella had been online chatting. They had shared a joke or two and he had lightly tempted her with sweet words. His words had been, she knew, in fun but at the same time they had spoken directly to her. It was as if he had been able to read into her mind and see her very need. They had bounced words back and forth gaining in erotic nature until before she knew it she was an active player in an ever more heated exchange. His words drew pictures in her mind; she found these images robbing her of her will and ability to breathe. This rose to such a point that while she would never have said so to him; she was no longer just sitting and typing.

She had been wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of panties that would never be allowed on a date.
“Not that you get any” she muttered, as her heartbeat rose and she began to feel hornier and hornier she dragged the t-shirt over her head and cast it to the floor beside her. ‘Good job the house is empty’ she thought as she briefly imagined someone walking in on her, ‘now where was I?’ she mentally added, but as her right hand tapped out the response to his latest question her left was already seeking her breasts. There wasn’t much seeking required; she had always considered her breasts to be one of her best features. ‘Not over large but large enough and certainly firm enough’ she considered almost typing it before realising and deleting her thoughts. “He must not know” she whispered sure that they would never actually be in a position for him to touch her flesh as she now did, imagining it to be him.


Part 2: “After all, I did everything he asked of me” she muttered as she once more tried to decide if she actually wanted him to get in touch again. But Isabella knew that the moment he did she would forget all the pondering and the denying, and she would be eager to once more entrust him with her body and mind.


Part 3: Isabella was bored again she needed some action and she knew exactly the nature of that action. She was musing daily over her past adventures and found his silence painful to bear, ‘why does he not contact me? Did I do something wrong?’ All these questions and many more in a similar vein could of course only be answered by the one person not currently in contact with her. This went on for an age and Bella tried to keep herself in anticipation of his desires, but her own body ached to be pleasured and she was losing the will to not do something for herself.

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