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Sometimes a job offer can lead you in a new and wonderful direction, sometimes it can leave you screaming in the dark. Is there such a thing as an offer that is too good to be true? Or is it merely that one needs to adapt and look for the pleasures it may bring.

Kate is a single woman in a dead end job; she dreams of changing her life’s direction, but until now she has done nothing about it. When she finally does, her desire to switch paths brings her to Lone House. Its name does this building no justice at all - only ‘Lone’ is accurate. The house stands isolated and empty; no one remembers ever seeing the owners and they have arranged for house sitters to live there. But these house sitters never seem to stay very long.

What secrets does the house shelter within its grounds? Will the next sitter go the way of the previous ones, where-ever that was?

Kate is to be the next resident at Lone House and soon finds things are not always as they seem. Some things are even better. The old house harbours secrets and lustful desires of its own. The question is: Will Kate adapt to her new life, taking advantage of what it offers, or will she flee back to the life she had before? One thing is for sure; everyone in contact with Kate and Lone House will find their lives changed for ever.

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